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Fire Safety Standards flame resistant textiles

EN 13773

European norm: Curtains and Drapes
The fabric is exposed to a constant, approximately 5 cm high flame, at first one, then two, then three up for up to 20 seconds. The afterflame on the fabric may never last longer than 5 seconds and the flames may not exceed a specified height. Dripping according to the old Austria norm is automatically tested at the same time. Smoldering is only required for Austria and is tested separately.

EN 1021 Part 1 + 2

European norm: upholstery fabrics
Is tested on the upholstery.

Austrian Norm B 3825

Austrian norm for upholstery fabrics.
Is tested on the upholstery.
In addition, dripping and smoldering during burn-off is tested according to Austrian norm 3800.

Important: fire safety for textiles is regulated nationally, which means that in Austria, only textiles tested according to Austrian norms are considered flame resistant. Foreign certificates, for example from Germany, Italy or France, are not valid in Austria. This is why such fabrics cannot be classified as flame resistant. We ask for your special attention to this. Caution – possible liability!

Material Mix Legend

AF Other Fibres, CA Acetate, CMD Modal, CO Cotton, CV Viscose, SYNTHETIC Man-made Fibres, LEATHER, LI Linen, LUREX Lurex, MAC Modacrylic Fibre, NY Nylon, PA Polyamide, PAN Polyamide Fibre, PEC Polyester Chenille, PES Polyester, PES FR Polyester flame retardant, PES TREV . CS Polyester Trevira CS, PO Polyolefin, PO FR Polyolefin flame retardant, PP Polypropylene, PU Polyurethane, PVC Polyvinyl Chloride, SE Silk, WV Wool, ZE Rayon

General Abbreviations

FID. FR Fidon Flame Resistant, TREV . CS Trevira Comfort and Safety, TREV . CS Trevira Flame Restistant, Besch. Coating, SZS Cutting surcharge (Coupon surcharge), Verd. Dimout/Blackout Fabric

Quality Definitions

The following item definitions mean:
A = upholstery fabrics, flame resistant
C = (8000) flame resistant printed fabric on a matte base
G = upholstery fabric with a delivery time of approximately 14 days
E = flame resistant furnishing fabric
H = (8000) flame resistant dimout / blackout fabrics, coated
M = upholstery fabrics, not flame resistant 0–999, over 1000 flame resistant
S = (8000) dimout / blackout fabrics uncoated (soft quality), flame resistant
V = draperies and furnishing fabrics, not flame resistant 3000, 5000, 6000
V = draperies and furnishing fabrics, flame resistant 2000 + 7000 + 9000 consecutively
X = curtains, flame resistant
Z = flame resistant items, delivery time approximately 14 days

Care Instructions

For an explanation of the care instruction symbols and general information about gentle cleaning please see the following document:

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